Monday, March 10, 2014


Haven't been blogging. Oh well, mid-terms are over and well, they were meh. I guess, that recess week I was a bit shagged from the Cambodia trip/my sleep study, so thank God, I was consistent throughout. 

So only received one set of results back, and I was okay with it. It wasn't fantastic, but good enough for me. Which is my response for everyone who asked me about it. I really have to attribute it to consistency. THe other two, well, just pray for the best lah. 

So this weekend, (long weekend since I had Friday off), I had a lot of ME-time and I'm not even embarrassed by it, cause I had a great time. Sometimes, when you're surrounded by people 24/7, whether they're your close friends or just friends, you kinda lose yourself in everything. You're not the person you really are. You're a different person with everyone you meet.You may like this person that you are momentarily, or you may not. And you don't know how exhausting it is until you realise how relaxed you are when you're alone.

SO Friday I went blading alone. Took a bus to Bedok Corner and used the park connector to get all the way to East Coast Park. Survived one of the most awful falls ever, scraped my knee and palms. Got up, didn't adjust my skates properly, fell on my butt this time. Padding wasn't enough. Ass hurts like MAD. I honestly felt like going home, but I didn't cause I was looking forward to it the whole week, I wasn't gonna just give it up. AND I AM SO GLAD I DIDNT.

You just HAVE to go to ECP on a weekday morning. It's quiet, the people there are friendly, it is so spacious and NOT congested with millions of humans. For a long stretch I was the only one there and I started plugging in my music and singing along

AND that, is when you are TRULY yourself. No worry for shame. Just you, and what you truly wanna do. Which for me, was sing Whitney Houston on blades. 

WELL, i decided to have more pictures in blog, SO HERE YOU GO: 

 Instagram worthy right!

 How I imagine my face looked like as I fell

 Injured Palm #1

 Injured Palm #2

Gross knee, ew

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