Saturday, April 12, 2014

Birthday Post

So I kind of had the best day on the 9th of April. Haha, guess why!

Okay, lameness aside, I was really touched by how all of my friends went out of their way to spend this one day with me. And I keep saying it cause I really am. I'm sure they're sick of hearing my 'Thank you!' or 'It really meant a lot to me' or 'I really appreciate it!'. But as cliche as those lines are, I really felt it. 

So it started out like any other day. Okay not really, I kind of guilt tripped my dad into sending me to school. So wooohoo ride to school. This would sound horrible but i don't even feel bad. Hahaha, #spoilt. So i reached school at about 8, studied a bit. Went to lecture at about 10. Lecture ended early (Lecturer's present to me I guess hahaha)

And then went to ERC where I was greeted by HANANI. Hahaha, I mean it was no surprise, she asked if she could come. And even though I asked if Friday was a better day, she still made the effort to come on Wednesday so whooop.

So after lunch we went back to do some studying and halfway through she asked me to help her come and collect something. And I genuinely thought it was something else but turns out it was cupcakes for my birthday. SPECIAL DELIVERYYYY~ Then Syifa and Ramesh joined us. And I opened my present which were some nice sandals (that I would totally wear to replace the slippers people always mistake as wudhu slippers)

So yup, all that effort. Couldn't be happier. 'Eyebrows raised to the heavens' SOMEONE might say, but I don't think it was that obvious, i stayed as cool as a cucumber. So here's a shot of the the mini-celebration. 

Yup, ugly hair and all. 

So after that I went about school with chem lecture and all where the environmental engin (Malay) girls surprised me with a gift as well. A welfare pack with all my favourite foods. Haha, we've only known each other for less than a year, and yet they still made the effort. So touched :') AND in lieu of that, we finally took our first photo together.

Then, as planned (since surprises are overrated) I met with the OAC peeps for a short dinner. I know for a fact that most of them are really busy with their own stuff and some of them are just lazy to leave the room, but they made the time anyway. Special mention to yx for travelling all the way from Pulau NTU for this. Even though it was a short while, and it was just dinner, it still meant a lot. They may be the most perv-y, childish noobs I know, and I never fail to remind them, but they are also some of the nicest guys I know (which I never actually say to them). 

So after that I promised Wheel I would meet her for a while. Okay, so i assumed she wanted to treat me something or pass me something. But what she did was even better. As we were walking towards Wendys I suddenly heard some people singing the Happy Birthday song, as i turned to my left, I saw all the 2C girls and I was like WOW SERIOUSLY. I was seriously shocked even though now that I think about it there were many signs. I was way beyond amazed that they actually did all that for me. We've been through a lot in the 6 years. Being a group of girls there was a lot of ermmm complications within the group all the time. But 6 years later, we're all friends, we're all there for the big moments despite moving forward with our lives and not seeing each other as much anymore. So yeah, love you guys :)

Overall, I wasn't expecting much, seeing as how this is a new school, haven't made as many close friends. But it turned out to be one of the best birthdays ever. Seriously. Because of everyone who took the time and the effort for it. I know it seems like everyone has moved on with their lives in uni, but I guess our life in TJ will always be there, no matter how small. And that means that our friends are there too and a little bit of distance won't change that :') Thanks guys.

Signing off,
20 year old Ruzanna (woooohooo, im so old)

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